Sunday, 16 June 2019

On the Go

We had yet another super-busy weekend. We kicked it off on Saturday morning with the kids' last swim meet of the year (i.e. the swim year, which runs Sept - June). They were not too psyched about this because they actually hadn't been to practice in over a week. Instead, they spent the week at a YMCA day camp where they were able to zipline, canoe & kayak, do archery, swim, do giant slip & slide, and play with baby chicks/ducks - among other things! They had a great time and agreed that this year's camp beat last year's hands down. That's good because we have them signed up for at least one more week this summer. Maybe two!

 In any case, whatever they did this week seemed to do the trick, because they all did great at the meet. Irene in particular was not expecting much from the meet - which might actually be why she got 2 out of 3 best times, including her first BB time as an 11-year-old! That's a pretty big deal considering she only just turned 11! There is a huge difference between qualifying times for 10& under and 11-year-olds. Oscar also did great! While he only had on personal best, it was in the event where his goggles fell off. Not only did he keep on swimming, but he beat his old time by more than a second! Johan earned a brand new B time and he also cut off over 2 seconds in the 50 breast. They all did so well, I'm thinking that they need to skip practice more often!
After the meet, we rushed home for a quick meal before heading off to watch the local Triple -A baseball team play. This has become somewhat of a yearly tradition for us, and we all really enjoy the games. This time was no exception. Not only did the home team win 14-0, but the kids got sno-cones to boot.

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