Sunday, 10 September 2017

Divide & Conquer

An abrupt start to our upcoming busy fall season today. Our family had to divide up in order to conquer in the kids' sports. First of all, I went with Oscar and Irene to a triathlon. This was Oscar's first tri, and Irene's 2nd. They've been looking forward to this for months- ever since their splash n' dash in March. Although there are many opportunities for kids to do triathlons around here, they are not cheap, so we agreed to just one this year. After much research, I convinced them that one at the pool they usually swim at was the best option. We did some "training" in August in addition to their regular swimming. They were ready for today! 

It started with a 100 meter swim. Irene was first out of the water in her heat, and Oscar wasn't far behind as the second. 

I knew that their biggest challenge for the tri would be the cycling leg (3K) because 1) they don't get in a lot of practice with bike racing, and 2) as you can see, they are riding their small, heavy, single-gear bikes while many of the other kids had proper racing bikes with wheels twice as big. They weren't the only kids with this type of "kiddie" bike, but the number of kids with fancy bikes was definitely shocking. Guess what's on Irene's Christmas list this year?

They finished the running leg (1K), no problem, and even had enough energy to sprint at the end.

Irene took 2nd in her age group for girls! She finished with a time of 19:51 - just 9 seconds off of 1st place in spite of her bike! Oscar didn't place due to some stiff competition, but he did awesome with a time of 20:30.  We're super proud of them, and they are already looking forward to next year and another chance to do a tri! 
And while we were there, Young-Hoon took Johan to his first soccer game. Earlier in the summer, Johan expressed a desire to play soccer and a friend filled me in on the Pflugerville soccer league. It's cheap, fun, and not a huge time commitment (like swimming). So we agreed to let him give it a whirl. He had his first practice this past week and his first game today. He LOVED it! He tells me his team won, although they don't officially keep score, you know the kids are. Johan even scored a goal! I'm looking forward to watching him play next weekend. Below are a couple of videos from the game.

And Johan taking a shot at the goal. He's #8

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