Monday, 12 June 2017

Camping Trip: Pederales Falls & Bonus!

To celebrate the end of the school year we took a quick camping trip to Pedernales Falls State Park this past weekend. We went there once last year, and it quickly became our favorite Texas State Park so far. We were lucky enough to get a reservation early in the summer before it gets too hot. In fact, the weather was perfect all weekend! We started our trip with a hike along the river. It got dicey at spots with a bit of vertical climbing which the kids loved. They like the "dangerous" hiking. 

After the hike, we needed to cool off, so we put on our suits and hit the river. It was shallow, but the water was moving pretty quickly so it added to the excitement.

They even got to do a little fishing (above), despite having forgotten our poles at home. I don't think anyone was successful though.
After a fantastic meal of beef and potatoes (thanks Young-Hoon), we got down to smores makin'.
On Sunday, we decided to take a side trip on our way home, and we stopped at McKinney Falls State Park. It holds a special place in our heart as it was our campground when we first came to Austin on our recon trip almost 3 years ago. Although we live less than an hour away, this is the first time we've been back. It was a bit of a nerve-wracking time in our life, and I think we'd been trying to block it out. The kids had a great time swimming in the lake, and I think we'll make it back again now that we've taken the first steps.

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