Saturday, 18 March 2017


 Today was part 2 of our spring break adventure. We crossed another item off of our "Texas hill country bucket list" - Longhorn Caverns. Apparently, underground caverns are common in this area as there were actually cavern tours next to the safari yesterday, but after a little research, we settled on Longhorn (which, incidentally, was so named because longhorn cattle would often fall down holes and end up trapped in the caverns below.) We learned all sorts of interesting cavern facts on our tour! These caverens were once used as a restaurant, ball room, rented hall, outlaw hideout, Native American gathering place, Linden B Johnson emergency bunker, and so on. Very interesing stuff!

Outside the caves, there were some pretty towers and buildings built by the Civilian Concervation Corp in 1934. The kids had a great time climbing and enjoying the views.

 Afterwards, we drove 15 minutes to one of our favorite lakes, Inks Lake. No kayaking for us today, though. Instead, we brought our fishing polls and relaxed by the shore. Within about 20 minutes Johan had cought the first fish! and it was all downhill from there. Turns out it was the only fish, but we still had fun. (ok, truth be told, I could do some "keepin' it real" posting here, but I've already begun the process of whiping it out of my mind. ;) )

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