Tuesday, 4 July 2017

4th of July

Another low-key 4th here in P-ville. The kids had some fun at swim practice in the morning with watermelon relays (and eating the watermelon). Then Young-Hoon and I squeezed in some tennis before the heat got unbearable. Then the neighborhood had a pool party, so we decided there was no need to go out in search of festivities. We had hamburgers, chips, snow cones, and frozen margaritas (from a slurpee machine! best idea ever!) While Young-Hoon and I (mostly I) enjoyed the margaritas, the kids had fun in the pool with some of their school friends. About 1/2 way through the HOA brought out the inflat-a-bull for some rodeo fun. In the beginning, there were too many kids and adults swarming the thing for our kids to get a ride. But after a while, the pool cleared out and the kids had a great time.

We got lucky with fireworks tonight as well. The last 2 years we watch the city fireworks from the outskirts of our neighborhood, but this year they moved it to a different location farther away. Luckily there were enough neighborhood fireworks that we could watch while sitting on Oscar's bed in his new room, looking out the window. All in all, just about the right level of celebration for us today.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Time for Change

 The vans weren't the only big change for us this week. Yesterday, we spent most of the afternoon moving Oscar's things into his new room.

When we moved into this house, we always knew at some point the extra room would be used for him, but it was so nice to have a guest room/office/Lego room, that we pushed it off. Finally, we decided that it was time. Hopefully this will put some distance between the boys, who fight almost constantly. So far, everyone seems happy. Johan gets to keep the Lego table because his room is bigger, so he's thrilled. However, he's currently sleeping in Oscar's room for the second night in a row. 

And just for memory's sake, here are a couple pictures of Matilda (with Irene). 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Out with the Old, In with the New

 After 4 years with our lovely, old Town & Country, we decided that it's day has passed, and it was time to put us out of our misery (of having such an unpredictable van). Young-Hoon took the day off on Monday to take it into the shop, and we ended up doing some research/shopping instead. Today we brought home our new van! I was sad when I got in it for the last drive. But that sadness disappeared as soon as I tried to pull out of the parking spot and was reminded of the wrecked power steering.
The kids are in heaven because the new van has a DVD player (which I have told them will only be used on long trips, so they shouldn't get too excited). I'm excited because not only do I not have to nervously look at the dashboard for possible warning lights when I turn the car on, we may get to do do some travel! We've been too nervous to take the old van anywhere outside of a small radius, but now we're free to travel...once we save up some more funds. :)

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


 On Saturday, Irene participated in a swim meet at UT for swimmers with a BB time and faster (it goes up to AAAA). She qualified for just one event: 50 free, but she was very excited to qualify for her first "big" meet. While she admitted to being "a little nervous," I'd say that "mildly petrified" would be more accurate judging by looking at her. Aside from her very first meet, I don't remember seeing her so lost. To be fair, there were just 3 swimmers from the Pflugerville team, and the other two were much older and in the advanced group. Her coach is awesome though, and took time out to chat with her individually during warm-up and before her race. While she didn't get her best time in the event, it was a great experience for her, and I'm sure she'll be ready next season when meets like this roll around.
 And just an add on- The coach took a photo of Johan practicing diving the other day:

Monday, 26 June 2017

Grandma & Grandpa's Week O'Fun!

I've been feeling a little guilty that we have no real summer plans. A combination of our big trip to Korea last December and a very untrustworthy van has us Austin-bound aside from a few day trips here and there. Well, Grandma and Grandpa Cameron saved the day! They rolled into town last Friday and the kids have been in heaven since then. It started out the next morning when Grandma and Grandpa got to see their first swim meet. While it may have been a little long for the spectators, the kids loved having the extra support in the crowd, and they did great! On Monday we went to the local water park. After a bit of a wait due to lightening, we had a great time in perfect water park weather. Even Grandma got in on the fun!
 On Sunday, in addition to a Father's Day BBQ, there was much more water fun at home thanks to some super-water balloons from Grandma.

 Tuesday we made our way to Dell Diamond for a baseball game. Unfortunately, our team lost, but our family won! Johan snagged himself a Round Rock Express T-shirt as they threw them into the crowd, and one of the players tossed a ball to Oscar! Grandparents, T-shirt, ball = best game ever!
 On Wednesday Grandma and Grandpa treated the kids to a bit of bouldering. They climbed until they physcially could not climb anymore.

 Thursday was relaxed with a game of bowling and a bit of backyard fun. Note the baseball and glove Johan and Irene are playing with. That's the one we got at the game. They've been playing catch almost every day since!

On Friday we had some BBQ at Rudy's. Always a favorite! 

I haven't got any photos from Saturday because Young-Hoon and I were with Irene at a swim meet in the morning (see future post) and in the afternoon, we left the kids at home with the folks and headed out on the town (which, incidentally, has a very different meaning now than when we were younger). I hear the kids had a blast...maybe too much.

Sunday was my dad's birthday, so we celebrated with a big meal and some apple pie. We also had a little photo shoot.

Finally, a little putt putt to cap off the glorious week. I think if we don't do anything else for the rest of summer, the kids will be satisfied. We were sad to see Grandma and Grandpa go this morning, but we're looking forward to our next meeting in December!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Camping Trip: Pederales Falls & Bonus!

To celebrate the end of the school year we took a quick camping trip to Pedernales Falls State Park this past weekend. We went there once last year, and it quickly became our favorite Texas State Park so far. We were lucky enough to get a reservation early in the summer before it gets too hot. In fact, the weather was perfect all weekend! We started our trip with a hike along the river. It got dicey at spots with a bit of vertical climbing which the kids loved. They like the "dangerous" hiking. 

After the hike, we needed to cool off, so we put on our suits and hit the river. It was shallow, but the water was moving pretty quickly so it added to the excitement.

They even got to do a little fishing (above), despite having forgotten our poles at home. I don't think anyone was successful though.
After a fantastic meal of beef and potatoes (thanks Young-Hoon), we got down to smores makin'.
On Sunday, we decided to take a side trip on our way home, and we stopped at McKinney Falls State Park. It holds a special place in our heart as it was our campground when we first came to Austin on our recon trip almost 3 years ago. Although we live less than an hour away, this is the first time we've been back. It was a bit of a nerve-wracking time in our life, and I think we'd been trying to block it out. The kids had a great time swimming in the lake, and I think we'll make it back again now that we've taken the first steps.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Summer Fun

We just finished our first full week of summer vacation...and we survived! Actually, we kept pretty busy all week between swim practice in the morning and library events, $1 movies, or chores in the afternoons. I've also reinstated the 20-20-20 plan of last summer: 20 minute rotations of reading, piano, and math. Last year I figured an hour of study/day wouldn't kill them. This year they were actually eager to get to it! Today we skipped it because Irene and Oscar participated in a typing class at the library, and I was reminded several times that we missed 20-20-20. We also have done a couple of Korean classes and some art time courtesy of Art for Kids Hub, and next week I'm hoping to add a guitar lesson courtesy of youtube (cause goodness knows, I can't do it!) This evening in our down time, I walked into the living room to find this: 

Yes, we now have a giant white board in our living room. I got the white board part free from someone in the neighborhood a while ago. Young-Hoon finally got around to making a stand. I think it will have to find a new location after school starts again, but for now, living room it is! The tree/tower problem is from Young-Hoon after he caught Irene doing math for fun. I don't know if she ever solved it. I'm constantly amazed by these guys. I'm pretty sure that when I was in 3-4th grade, I didn't spend my summer doing math problems and reading. Ok, I did probably read a lot, but I know I also watched a ton of tv. Not once today did they ask to watch. And after dinner, Irene, Johan and I played a little Ohajiki (stone game) and Irene helped me make pita bread for tomorrow's camping trip. Sure, now they are zoned out in front of the tv with Word Girl, but I think they've earned it.