Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Just a quick story from yesterday. I went out to the garden to harvest our first crop of green beans. After I'd brought them in to wash, I came across a bean with 3 holes. I called the kids in and said, "Look! It's just like The Very Hungry Caterpillar!" We got a good chuckle out of it, then I took a look and what did I see? A not-so-hungry-anymore caterpillar crawling out of the 3rd hole!


 Today was Johan's big day: his birthday party! Just like Irene and Oscar, we let him invite 2 friends over, and I upped it one more because I have a friend in the neighborhood with a 1st grader who Johan plays with after school sometimes. I'll admit it, I was a little less-than-excited about today. and the fact that there were thunderstorms all morning, assuring that there would be no outdoor play time, didn't help. But it turned out great! After the guests arrived, they played Pokemon for about 30 minutes before digging into some pizza. Then after opening gifts, they played Pokemon for another hour before I dragged them away for cake. Then we got a little silly. I'd researched some "Minute to Win It" games for Irene and Oscar's party but never got to use them. So I was determined to use them today. I'd say it was a hit. There was "cookie face," where they had to scooch an oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using hands:

 Marshmallow toss, where colored marshmallows were worth 3pts, white worth 1:
 Marshmallow stack. Note to self, mini marshmallows seem to have a maximum stackability of 4:
 And ping-pong ball toss. I had chocolate prizes for each game, and that took us right up until the parents started arriving. In fact, the first parent said the party sure sounded like fun, so I guess she could hear us outside. Success!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Johan's 7!

 Johan had his 7th birthday today! It was pretty low-key, being on a Wednesday and all. I joined him at school for lunch (croissants with tomato and pesto). He chose not to go to swimming, so we pretty much hung around the house until dinner.

 After a quick "I'm 7" photo shoot, we had his chosen meal of king crab, green beans and rice. Yep, king crab. It appears that our efforts to expose the kids to a variety of foods has backfired on us in a very expensive way.
 I baked him an Oreo cake as requested. It was a chocolate cake with holes poked in and Oreo pudding poured on top. Topped with whipped cream and crushed Oreos. Pretty delicious if I do say so myself!
 Finally, present time! He's all about Pokemon right now, so he was thrilled to get an entire lunch box full of cards, notebooks, pencils, and other Poke-goods in addition to a football from Oscar, a cube puzzle from Irene, and a Barnes & Noble gift card from Grandma and Grandpa. I'm pretty sure whatever he decides to do with it will involve Pokemon.
This Saturday he will have a few friends over for a little party. It should be fun!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Photo Shoot 2: Matilda

 We were sitting around watching a movie this afternoon when I was inspired to take some photos of Matilda. It's been a while.


There's a new hobby sweeping the Cameron-Jin household: Youtube art tutorials. While drawing has always been a popular hobby in our house, it's really gone to a new level. The other day Young-Hoon and I were talking about maybe trying to find an art class for the kids when I did a quick google search which lead me to a plethora of art tutorials online. Since Johan is really into trying to draw Pokemon characters at the moment, I chose one and called the kids in. The result was a shock to me! Below are some of their drawings with their favorite singled out.

 *this was not Johan's best drawing, in my opinion, but he said it was his favorite because he did it without watching the tutorial. I'm not sure what the original character looks like. I think the other green lizard guy he drew (top photo on the right) was excellent.
 Oscar isn't interested in drawing Pokemon, so the other evening he worked on an airplane tutorial. He's already a pro at drawing airplanes, but I think he learned a thing or two.
Now the only thing they want to do when they get home from school/swimming practice is do drawing tutorials on my computer. It looks like we'll be investing in some decent art supplies soon (as opposed to $1 store colored pencils, etc).

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Pool & Party

Today the kids had their second (of 3) long course meets. They had a birthday party to go to after, so they decided to swim in the fist few events, which happened to be a lot of what they did at last month's meet. Even so, they cut time off! Here's the breakdown:
50 free: 54:41 seconds. he cut off 2.5 seconds since last month!
50 breast: 1:09.54. not only was this is the first time he got a time, but he cut off over 6 seconds from last month (when he was DQed for not touching the wall with 2 hands at the finish line) Let me just say, this is a very good time for a 6 year old!
50 free: 39.53 seconds. This was fast enough to earn her her very first BB time! She was beyond excited! Next stop A!
50 breast: 59.38. This was her first time swimming this in long course, and she earned a B time.
100 back: 2:02.74. Irene's not a huge backstroke fan, and she only swam this so we could get to the party, but she did great! she is about 3 seconds off of a B time. Not bad!
50 free: 48:78. He was less than a second slower on this one, but it was a great time!
50 breast: 1:10.56. He shaved off a fraction of a second on this one since last month. His form is looking better and he's improving. He was also informed today that as of Monday, he will be a member of the Bronze Advanced team with Irene!

 After the meet, we hopped in the car and made it to their friend's birthday party right on time. It was at an amusement center where they got to play lazer tag, ride bumper boats, and play putt putt golf. I don't know how they were still standing after the swim meet and then 4 hours of play, but they didn't seem to mind. What a busy, great day!

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Birthday Photo Shoot

 The other day the kids and I had a photo shoot to get a decent shot for my mom's birthday card. In addition to the decent shot above, we got some good candid shots resulting from an incident with Johan's hand and some bird poo.

 Happy Birthday, Mom!!